What are Bombas made of?

Besides lots love? Our magical recipes are as follows:

Ankle Socks:
69% Extra Long Staple Cotton
27% Polyester
3% Rubber
1% Spandex

Calf Socks:
63% Extra Long Staple Cotton
30% Polyester
6% Rubber
1% Spandex

Merino Socks:
78% Merino Wool
20% Polyester
2% Spandex

Dress Socks :
70%Extra Long Staple Cotton
13% Polyester
12% Nylon
5% Spandex

Quarter Socks:
78% Extra Long Staple Cotton
19% Polyester
3% Spandex

Invisible Socks:
65%Extra Long Staple Cotton
34% Polyester
1% Spandex

Toddler / Youth Socks:
74%Extra Long Staple Cotton
18% Polyester
7% Spandex
1% Nylon

We are always looking for ways to further enhance and innovate on our designs and products, and sometimes that comes in the form of using various manufacturing partners, who have slightly different techniques and content breakdowns. Please note, regardless of the content breakdown, we would never compromise the quality of our socks, and all Bombas go through extensive testing at every level to ensure the utmost comfort, support and durability. That's where the love comes in...

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