What size do they come in?

X-Large - Good for US Shoe Sizes 13 - 16
Large - Good for US Shoe Sizes 9.5 - 13
Medium - Good for US Shoe Sizes 6 - 9

It is important to note that while Bombas are produced for these standard size ranges, Bombas have more stretch and recoil than your traditional pair of socks. As such, we have had athletes with shoes sizes up to a 15 wear Bombas comfortably with no compromise in performance or durability.

Medium - Good for US Shoe Sizes 8 - 11.5
Small - Good for US Shoe Sizes 4 - 7.5

Pro Tips: If you’re on the cusp we find women with shoe size 7.5 prefer size small ankle socks and size medium calf socks. For sizes above 11.5, please choose Mens large.

Bombas Youth Socks - Good for Shoe Sizes: Youth 9-3
Bombas Toddler Socks - Good For Shoe Sizes: Youth 1.5 - 8.5

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