What To Know About No Shows

No Shows are a hot item here at bombas.com, so we want to offer sock shoppers a quick guide to our No Show socks.


First thing to keep in mind - our No Show socks are sized differently from our other socks. Check out our size guide before placing an order, and make sure you’re checking out the second table to see sizes for No Show socks. https://bombas.com/pages/size-guide


If you’re on the cusp between sizes, we’d recommend ordering the larger size of No Shows.


We’ve got No Shows in a variety of styles! All styles are specifically engineered to never fall down, thanks to the Stay-Put Heel Grips that help the socks stick to your heel.


Lightweight No Shows - These are our prototypical No Show sock. With Ultra-Lightweight Construction, maximum top-of-foot coverage, these No Shows are a great for casual sneakers, slip-ons, and booties.


Cushioned No Shows - These No Show socks are equipped with extra full-cushioning for people who want a little more support in their No Shows. They provide maximum top-of-foot coverage, and are great for wearing with athletic sneakers, casual sneakers, and booties.


Merino Wool No Show - These No Show socks are made with Merino Wool, a wonderful all-season fiber that is incredibly soft, naturally moisture wicking, and super breathable. These No Shows are super versatile, and are a great addition to any No Show collector’s sock drawer. Wonderful for casual sneakers, slip-ons, and booties.


Low Cut No Show - These are constructed just like our Lightweight No Shows, only with less top-of-foot coverage so they don’t show in your ballet flats, boat shoes, or loafers. If you need a deeper cut to keep your socks invisible, we’d highly recommend giving our Low Cut No Show socks a try.

Important PSA about slipping: Our No Show socks are engineered to stay put! If you’re experiencing undue slipping or bunching, or finding yourself constantly trying to dig your No Shows back on your heel, it’s probably because they aren’t the perfect size for you. Simply reach out to us in an email to hello@bombas.com, or use our contact form, to let us know this is happening to you, and we’ll send you replacements in an alternate style for you to try. Fit is always a matter of personal preference, which is why you’re covered under our Happiness Guarantee.

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