Sock Term Glossary

What is a marl, we hear you cry.


Hopefully this Sock Glossary will shed light on any terms we use that may be head-scratchers.




Hex-Tec denotes a performance-quality item that is designed specifically to meet the needs of different sports and activities. Hex-Tec socks are made with performance yarns for increased durability, moisture wicking, and breathability. Hex-Tec socks often have different types of cushioning and airflow venting. Hex-Tec socks include Performance Running, Golf, Tennis, Ski & Snowboard, Basketball, and Hiking. 




“Marls” refers to a knitting technique where two differently colored strands of yarn are twisted together to create a unique visual effect. Socks with a marl effect don’t feel any different, but they have a cool appearance that you won’t find in other socks.




Merino Sheeps make Merino Wool, and we use that to make Merino Wool socks. Merino Wool is an incredible natural fiber that is soft, warm, and naturally moisture-wicking. You can feel the difference when you touch a Merino Wool sock. They were originally made for winter days, but we’ve seen a big increase in Bombas fans wearing all of our merino styles year round.




Our Original socks were the first sock we ever designed. We wanted the colors to accent the sock tech features we invented at the beginning of Bombas. Color pops accent our seamless toe, performance footbed, honey-comb arch support stitching, y-stitched heel, blister tabs for our Ankle socks, and stay-up technology for our Calf socks. Since launching our Originals, we’ve come out with other sock designs, but you can always expect these sock tech features in any of our casual sock options, excluding Lightweight.




Our sock collection known as “Solids” is our typical sock made to be one color. They’re the same construction as our Originals, but only boast one color for a classy display. They’re available in Black, White, Navy, Grey, and come in other seasonal colors throughout the year.


Space Dye


Spoiler alert: They didn’t come from outer space. Space Dye is a process of dying yarn. Multiple colors are applied along the length of one strand of yarn. When we use that yarn to knit socks, they come out looking super colorful. Every Space Dye sock is unique, as each individual sock that is created cannot be identically reproduced. Your Space Dye socks are like no other.

Tie Dye


We didn’t really need to tell you this, but we wanted to be thorough! We take our regular solid white socks, bunch ‘em, scrunch ‘em, twist ‘em up in a knot, tie it together and dye it. The result is a completely unique sock that knocks you and your neighbors back to the swingin’ 60’s.




Tri-Block socks are a super popular style that caught so much attention one summer, we never took them off the shelves. They’re our typical sock design, but with three blocks of color to make them pop out in a crowd.

If you have any questions about our sock terminology, just reach out to us in an email to, or use this contact form.

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